We are proud to be an Emirati company and also proud that the United Arab Emirates has achieved so much in such a short period of nationhood. The future of this nation depends in part on the good health of its people, and so we see the need to address the current high levels of childhood obesity and the prevalence of diabetes.

We believe that the food industry has an important part to play in tackling the obesity problem. Al Islami Foods is confronting the issue of childhood obesity through the promotion of healthy eating and an active lifestyle to our children.

We are working with government bodies such as the Dubai Sports Council and supporting government programmes to encourage children to make the right decisions when it comes to diet and lifestyle. Our primary initiative is the Al Islami Kids’ Club, which promotes exercise and healthier food choices by making the preparation of healthy food a fun activity for children, and an easy option for parents. In partnership with the School for Culinary and Finishing Arts (SCAFA) in Dubai, the Al Islami Kids’ Club holds education sessions on diet, nutrition and exercise at schools in the UAE. It holds other promotional activities at events such as the Dubai Food Festival and already has more than 8,000 followers on social media. Find out more here.

Al Islami Kids & Dubai Sports Council visits Latifa Hospital

Al Islami visited the Latifa Hospital together with the Dubai Sports Council. Al Islami Kids’ Club and Al Islami Foods was pleased to support a community sports event organised by Dubai Sports Council at [...]