Our main point of differentiation is clearly demonstrated in our commitment to adhere to the strictest rule of halal. We take pride in doing hand slaughtering, we never stun our poultry. We understand that the real meaning of halal is not limited with the way produce are slaughtered according to Islamic Sharia, but goes beyond, in terms of quality and hygienic monitoring. Every stage of the manufacturing process is strictly controlled and monitored by the team of Al Islami Product Specialist to ensure highest standards.


Al Islami believes in being true to our actions, not just in words. A promise that maintains integrity in conduct, delivering the premium quality of products to the consumers.


For Al Islami, halal is not just about a ritual or an aspect of production, it extends to transparent dealings with dignity and respect among all our partners, peers and consumers in accordance to Islamic principles.


    Customer Care
Our brand promise is to give the best. For three decades now, we have been dedicated to one single – minded principle: satisfying customer needs with the goodness of halal. Proud of the rich heritage that has been built in unwavering trust and quality, successfully handed down from generation to generation.


We value our people, everyone is a significant member of the team regardless of who we are and what we do, supportive of each other’s contribution, inspiring one another, showing care both personally and professionally, providing an environment of trust, ownership, achievement and innovation.